BACK AGAINST THE WALL in Taste of Cinema

20 Great B Movies That Are Worth Your Time

By Robert Segedy

18. Back Against the Wall (2002)


In a world where two bit hacks abound and pretentious clap track about super heroes bombard our screens, there occasionally comes a talent that flies under the radar, delivering a personal and powerful film testimony. I am, of course, referring to film director James Fotopoulos and director of Back Against the Wall.

This film packs the wallop of a sledgehammer wielded by a maniac. Definitely an acquired taste, Fotopoulos out Lynch’s Lynch and if you wished that Blue Velvet would have been a bit darker, than this is your film. Incorporating black and white photography with a soundtrack that seethes and hisses, this experimental film explores the sleazy world of a lingerie model, an isolated loner, and his no neck friend.

This film has a malevolent intensity that weeps like an infected wound, and for those that are patient enough to make it through to the conclusion, they will be rewarded with witnessing a new vision in cinema. Gloomy, depressing and at times unfathomable, Up Against the Wall is cinema for those that are willing to follow a filmmaker to unspeakable extremes.

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