Fantasma is a production company founded in 1998 by filmmaker James Fotopoulos. It currently is co-owned by James and his brother Peter Fotopoulos.

James Fotopoulos

The prolific and critically acclaimed films of James Fotopoulos have been screened and exhibited at many sites across the world, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, MoMA PS1, Sundance Film Festival, Walker Art Center, Whitney Biennial, New York Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Arts and Design, London Film Festival, Festival del Film Locarno, Museum of the Moving Image, Anthology Film Archives and Andy Warhol Museum, among many others. In 1998, Fotopoulos founded Fantasma for the production of his second feature film Migrating Forms (1999).

Peter Fotopoulos

CEO/Producer. Peter Fotopoulos oversees finances and development for Fantasma. He is a working producer, business executive, and strategy professional with 10 years of expertise in real estate, commercialization, consulting, and structure financing in the business and entertainment industries. Over the years Peter has worked in the Chicago music community alongside several of the forefathers of the legendary House Music movement. His music production experience is in a wide range of genres, specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop.

The Given

2015 – 75min
Screenwriter & Director: James Fotopoulos
Cast: Sophie Traub, Samantha Tunis, Paweł Wojtasik, Bradley Eros
Music: Nanette Scriba
Producers: Lauren Chapman, Peter Fotopoulos, James Fotopoulos


An actress living in New York performs an audition, then goes to meditation and winds up at a party of artists viewing a film. At home, she and her girlfriend explore buried memories and later nightmares trigger sleepwalking. Finally, the actress enacts a childlike performance inspired by a Frank Wedekind play.


2014 – 103 min
Screenwriter & Director: James Fotopoulos
Cast: Xander O’Connor, Brenda Bakke, Sarah Brooks, Joe Swanberg, David Zellner, Robert Breuler
Music: Nate Archer, Dorit Chrysler, Chris Corsano
Producers: Lauren Chapman, Peter Fotopoulos, James Fotopoulos


Lamb is a troubled veteran and his girlfriend, M, is tormented as well. One night at a nightclub a one-armed vet named Thrill tells him an odd story of the effects of his post-traumatic stress, which bothers Lamb. Walking though a forest, Lamb discovers a humanoid carcass and hides it in his basement. After he begins an affair with an older woman dentist his girlfriend is attacked inside their apartment by mysterious beings. Later the dentist returns in a panic, believing she was brought to an underground compound inhabited by these creatures. She tells him they lie in wait to attack. Taking action, Lamb and M build a truck bomb to destroy the compound. As they drive it to the nuclear plant Thrill’s unsettling story seems to unfold.

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